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The episode opened with two girls going to a deserted parking area to meet a drug dealer. The dealer gets out of the car and has the top half of his face covered. The girls tried to leave but crashed into a dumpster.

The next day Cooper is called to Director Fickler’s office to meet a Judge whose daughter went missing. Cooper and his team began to investigate the Judge’s missing daughter Emma. They quickly discovered that she was abducted to why trying to buy drugs. 

Following the link to the drug dealing they found that Emma was lured to a location and abducted by a man named Page. After some work Cooper gets Page to admit he was only holding the girls for a dealer name Luca.

The team raids the warehouse where Luca is selling a bunch of girls but find they are too late Emma had already been sold. After convincing Luca he didn’t want to stand between the Director of the FBI and his god-daughter, Luca told Cooper and Prophet where Emma and another girl were taken

The team then raids the mansion where the girls were taken and find Emma and the other girl safe. Fickler told Cooper he had a great team. 

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Griffith: Who do we profile, Jekyll or Hyde?
Cooper: We are going to profile Hyde.

Prophet: You sure I am the right choice for that boss?
Cooper: Positive.