Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "Strays"

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How far would you go for someone you love? 

This was the underlying question in this week’s episode, "Strays," as Cooper and his team worked around the clock to find Director Fickler’s missing God-Daughter.

At least I think that was the underlying message.

Sadly, it was mostly obscured by a bland story, stale dialogue, and the over use of “profiler-babble.” Because these factors added up to a mediocre episode this week, the best thing to do is to break it down into what worked and what didn’t. 

Red Cell Shot Caller

What Worked:

Beth saving Mick: In a rare swapping of roles, Beth shot a suspect that was about to shoot Mick. Who knew she had never shot anyone before? This act piggy-backed on the bonding the team did last week and Beth really seems like part of the team.

Cooper defending his team: We haven’t heard much about Prophet’s prison time this season, I liked seeing Cooper tell Judge Phelps that no one could step aside to get this case done. Given it was Prophet that was first in with Emma, it came full circle nicely.

What Didn’t Work:

Director Fickler “Lone Ranger”: First, you don’t become the Director of the FBI without some self-control and common sense. While I could buy into Fickler telling Mick to go in and try and get Page to talk, I rolled my eyes when Fickler walked into Cooper interrogation the second time.  

Second, it seems that if your best friends with the Director of the FBI, you can find classified information about any agents you want. Really, Fickler? You told the Judge about Prophets Prison stay even when he had a full pardon? I am glad you’re not on my Facebook.

“Profiler-babble”: I get that crime shows (especially behavior based shows) will use a lot of jargon and words to help sell the show. This is no different than the “techno-babble” Star Trek used or “doctor-babble” medical shows use. But tonight was overkill. About two-thirds of the way through the scene at Cooper’s place I realized I was lost, and it didn’t make a difference to the story.  

Beth saving Mick: While I know I listed this as working for me, it also had a huge whole in the plot. The whole “I am bothered because I am not bothered” bit just took away from what was really one of the best parts of the show, Beth getting closer to the team. 

This episode felt like it should have been the second or third one of the season. I am not sure if the failure is in the writing or the production. But, it had the same feeling in pace and rhythm those early episodes had. 

What did you think? Was this a mediocre episode or am I just allowing my sadness over the cancellation of two other incredible dramas taint my view? Sound off below! 

Strays Review

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Griffith: Who do we profile, Jekyll or Hyde?
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