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An unsub goes into his basement where he has a woman sitting in a chair, bound and gagged.

He accuses her of not making him a hot meal. She cries, apologizes and promises to do better.

He tells her he's tired of giving her second chances. His raises a baseball bat.

Garcia tells the BAU about two women who were savagely beaten and had their throats cut. The medical examiner confirms that the women were killed by the beatings and that their throats were slashed post-mortem.

The unsub, now finished with his latest victim, replays a recording over and over as he beats his head against a wall.

Later, a woman walks into a women's shelter called The Angel Network for Woman. A caseworker calls her name -- Greta Thomas - and she gets up to met him. The caseworker is the unsub.

She tells him the story about how her husband beat her and how she now needs to get away from him.

Later that evening, as she's packing to leave her house, the unsub breaks in and abducts her, leaving her little boy behind.

The BAU figures out that the unsub's name is Peter Folkmore, and that he is abducting women so that he can make them re-enact the last moments of his parents from when he was a child.

His father had been abusive. He had killed the Folkmore's mother in front of him, and then killed himself while Folkmore watched.

Upon interviewing the policeman who had attended most of Folkmore's parents' domestic abuse calls, they learn that he had given Folkmore a tape recorder. He had hoped that Folkmore would record his father's abuse so that he could finally charge him and put him in jail.  Only Folkmore was only able to record the last moments of his parents' lives.

Later on, he had lost the recording in a fire. The BAU believe this was the trigger that set him off -- and that he had been trying ever since to re-create that recording.

Folkmore's latest victim Greta manages to escape her bonds and hide beneath a bench.

Folkmore finds her, and knocks her unconscious, just as the BAU show up.

JJ descends the stairs to the basement where Great and Folkmore are. He hits her with a bat and she punches him.

JJ gets knocked to the floor. The unsub raises his baseball bat to beat her, but is shot by another policeman as he descends the stairs.

Meanwhile, Kate's niece Meg and her friend Markayla have gone to the mall to meet up with who they think is a cute senior they met online.

Only there's no cute senior -- instead there's a middle aged child predator stalking them.

Kate's husband Chris shows up, just to keep an eye on them, thereby thwarting the pervert's plans for them. He gets back in his car, and sends a text to the girls complaining about their "babysitter".

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

Kate: I just keep reminding myself it is just the mall.
JJ: I don't think parents are ever ready for their kids to grow up.
Kate: It feels like yesterday she was in diapers.
JJ: Teenagers. I don't know how my mom survived.
Kate: Mine either.

Markayla: What did you tell your folks?
Meg: The truth. Sort of. I told them we were meeting two guys from our biology class.
Markayla: This is the best study session I've ever had. They actually believed you?
Meg: Why wouldn't they? I couldn't tell them we were meeting some cute senior we met onine. They'd freak.