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A woman, Melissa Wallace, is marched through a forest and killed with a blunt object. The BAU is brought into the Wallace case because of the ritualistic nature of the murder. The Tallahassee M.E. shows JJ and Alves a pile of rocks which he'd found near the murder scene. Hollis Monroe, the local pastor, said Melissa had stopped coming to church a month earlier. A former co-worker said that Melissa was always sad about something she wouldn't say. The unsub also blew three holes in her nightgown with a shotgun. The team suspects Melissa was having an affair with someone in the church. The unsub kills another woman from the same family, Laura Nygard, with another pile of rocks nearby. The team suspects Melissa's husband, Danny, is the unsub. Laura confronted Monroe, who she thought was having an affair with Melissa. So Monroe is another suspect. All three Wallace family members had been treated for injuries, and Danny is suspected of abuse. Monroe admits he had come onto Melissa when he made advances on her during counseling. Danny wants to confess to killing Melissa and Laura, to protect someone. Prentiss confronts Garcia about all the turmoil in her life recently. Garcia is missing her brother Carlos, who hasn't forgiven her for forgiving the drunk driver who killed their parents. Danny's DNA didn't match the DNA found on the rock piles. Melissa's son Jacob was uncontrollable. His DNA was on the rocks. He isn't Danny's son. Lizzie is his next target. He shoots the CPS worker who's watching them, then drags off Lizzie into the woods. JJ talks him into putting down the shotgun, then Alves tackles him. Prentiss gets Carlos to fly east to talk with Garcia, and they make up. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 4 Quotes

I grew up watching all the CSIs, so that definitely influenced my choice of specialty.

Dr. Choudhury

"We live in a fastasy world, a world of delusions. The great task in life is to find reality" -- Iris Murdoch.