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After Grace Lynch shoots J.J. she and her father Everett escape in a white van, then carjack a car. The E.R. doctor tells Reid to get J.J.'s husband there quickly. Rossi tells Prentiss not to blame herself for J.J.'s getting shot. Everett wants to split with Grace but she resists. He relents when Grace explains that she has a plan. Alvez and Lewis find the Lynches' abandoned car. Grace shoots a couple to gain them temporary refuge. Everett takes the female homeowner's face. Reid talks to the unconscious J.J. about her telling him that she loves him. The BAU finds the refuge house. Rossi interrogates Roberta about Everett and Grace. She says Everett shouldn't have been able to find Grace. J.J. and Reid talk after she wakes up and they straighten things out. Reid then goes to visit his mother at her facility. Roberta conned Grace's way into an exclusive private school, but Grace later dropped out. Then Grace tracked down Everett. The BAU decides that one of Grace's former classmates may be their next mark. Grace contacts Charlotte, her former roommate with whom she was in a gay relationship. They kidnap Charlotte and skin off her thumbprint. Diana tells Reid that she kept waiting for his father to come back. Disguised as Charlotte, Grace breaks into Charlotte's safe-deposit box full of money. Alvez and Simmons arrive too late and find Grace dead, her face skinned off, and Charlotte tied up in the next room. Rossi tells Roberta about Grace's death. He asks for her help to catch Everett. Will and J.J. talk after Garcia takes the boys out for ice cream. Diana tells Reid that he needs to move forward and find a new identity. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 2 Quotes

Reid: Is it all right if I wait with you?
Will: Of course. She's going to want to see you too when she wakes up.

Prentiss: I should have trusted your instincts.
Rossi: Hey, I've been in your shoes. I wouldn't have trusted me either.