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Police discover a series of women found dead in rural Indiana cornfields.

The UnSub is actually a pack of three murderous college students.

Three previous girls have gone missing from the strip clubs they work at on Friday night and are found dead in a cornfield on Sunday.

A fourth girl, Stephanie Wilson, was abducted the previous night.

Upon landing in Indiana, Hotch meets with the local cop in charge of the case, Captain Salters.

Upset that the story leaked to the press, he worries the attention will spook the UnSubs.

UnSubs Chris and Scott see news of their murders on the screen. They thought their leader, Michael, had drugged and released the girls without killing them.

They confront Michael, and Scott tells him that he wants out. Michael tells them the important thing is to get rid of Stephanie and lay low for a while.

Prentiss and Reid investigate the strip club while Rossi and Morgan check out the spot where the last body was found.

The first group learns how the UnSubs select their victim, while the second group realizes that the pack releases their victim into the cornfield and let her think she’s going to escape before the leader chases her down and kills her.

The team tries to track down Scott before he is killed by the others. But the killers seem to have perfect knowledge of police roadblocks.

Hotch confronts Salters, and the truth comes out: Chris is Salters’ son. Together, they race to catch the UnSubs before Stephanie is lost.

Michael and Chris are found holed up in their house, refusing to back down. The standoff is tense, and ends with Salters and Michael shooting each other.

Salters is hit in the arm and survives, but Michael is killed. Chris is gunned down by the authorities moments later.

Stephanie is finally safe, but all three members of the pack are killed.

Criminal Minds
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