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The FBI and CIA have conflicting goals regarding the soldiers. CIA Director Widener lies to the FBI Director. Gibson calls his wife, Janice, as the kidnapper and wants her to poison Widener.

Widener knows something's up and doesn't drink the coffee. Janice spills what happened. Widener comforts her and she keeps him occupied while Gibson hacks into the CIA Director's phone.

Dunn and Finley kidnap the soldiers so the CIA doesn't get them. They don't realize the doctor with them is Jonas, the man who worked with Meg. He drugs the FBI Agents and the CIA takes the soldiers. Gibson hacks into their secure communications and reroutes the transport and takes the soldiers.

At the house, the search for the missing razor blade causes problems. The guard makes Ian search Amber. Ian tries to kill the guard, but the teacher stops him. Kyle wants to know if Hurst is behind the kidnapping. The Secret Service Agent admits responsibility to protect his daughter.

Dunn admits to Finley that Amber's her daughter. They keep the secret from the FBI.

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Crisis Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Finley: What are you going to do with these soldiers?
Jonas: Ask your partner's sister.

Tell him what you let the teacher do.