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Dunn faces off with Meg about the investigation. The FBI agent believes her sister has been lying to her. Meg doesn't like the lack of information she's getting, so she convinces the First Lady to get her access to the FBI files. Meg recognizes someone from the crowd outside the Pakistan Embassy event -- her CIA contact who she was sleeping with.

Three parents are asked to break into the CIA and get a file. When the Senator won't put on a fake suicide bomb vest, his wife does it instead. He takes the file outside to transmit. Finley saves her from a sniper, but the Senator is killed. It was too late, the file got out.

Finley got a quick look at the file before the CIA took it. One of the soldiers in the video file was one of those taken out of the Pakistan Embassy.


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Crisis Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Finley: Your family. Your rules.
Dunn: You back up your partner because that's what partner's do?
Finley: That's how I learned it.
Dunn: Except when they shoot you.
Finley: Except when they shoot you.

Did it go? Did it go? Do I get my kid back now?

Senator Yarrow