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Dunn and Finley speak with the kidnapper and make a deal. In exchange for a hostage, they will grab a man for the kidnapper. They agree they if either of them wants to stop, they won't go through with it. They fake a gas leak to get into the basement and find Jonas Clarenbach. They are chased, but get away clear. 

When Gibson calls to set up the exchange, Dunn and Finley renegotiate. They know that Clarenbach is the key to the soldier program and valuable to Widener too. They want all the hostages in exchange for Clarenbach. 

The Operation Lennox soldiers that Gibson kidnapped were programmed to rescue the hostages. The one inside the hostage house attacked killing many of Gibson's men. He didn't harm any of the teens. In the end, Koz killed him despite Gibson's orders to keep him alive.

Agent Hurst is freed by the super soldier and takes Gibson at gunpoint into the main hall. Hurst yells for Kyle. Not understanding the situation, Kyle shoots Hurst with the gun he took off a dead guard. Then, Kyle, Beth Ann and Ian run and lock themselves into a room. Gibson orders Koz to find his daughter.

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