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At the office, Cristela tells Josh and Maddie about her families tradition of making tamales in the middle of the night every Christmas. Josh and Cristela joke about him possibly showing up to help. 

At home, Daniela and Cristela are less than excited their older brother Eddie is coming for the holiday. Natalia on the other hand is thrilled, as she clearly favors him. 

When Eddie does show up, he comes with a bag of dirty laundry and no presents. 

As the ladies begin making the tamales, Natalia is upset that Daniela is attempting to replace her old pot with a new one. The fight is interrupted by Josh, who came to make tamales, not realizing Cristela was joking earlier. 

Natalia and Alberto don't want Josh to stay, but he does stay to help. While talking with Cristela, he admits that he likes seeing her outside of work and he clues her into what's really upsetting Natalia. 

Cristela confronts Natalia, who admits to Daniela that she feels like all her old things are being replaced. The girls apologize and promise to not get rid of anymore of Natalia's things. 

In the end, Cristela also admits that she likes seeing Josh outside of work, much to the chagrin of Eddie and Alberto. 


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Cristela Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Who needs Christmas lights, when Eddie's smile lights up the room.


Izzie: Well, my favorite part of Christmas is you, Daddy.
Felix: Izzie we're done with the shopping.