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Daniela decides to sigh Cristela up on a dating website. Cristela is very apprehensive at first, proclaiming that she doesn't have time to commit to a relationship. 

Daniela doesn't take no for an answer and makes her a profile and begins chatting with guys on there. She asks Felix why he isn't like the guys online, sending poems and such. Felix tells her the new tile he put in for her in the extent of his romance. 

At the office, Cristela and Josh talk about their 10 year plans. Both have had their lives figured out for years and they both seem to agree that dating isn't in the cards for them right now. 

After finding out her profile has garnered a lot of views, Cristela decides to go on one date to get her family off her back. She chooses a guy whose profile picture is a dog in a suit. 

The night of their date, Josh and Cristela are forced to stay later at the office. But Josh covers for her so she can go on her date. 

It is then revealed that the dapper dog profile is that of Alberto. Cristela realizes that he lied to her and pretended to like the same things she did, so she lets him down easy. 

Meanwhile, Felix brings Daniela home a handcrafted tile with their initials on it. And after whispering in her ear, their passion is re-ignited. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Daniela: How come you've never written me a poem?
Felix: That new tile in your bathroom is my poem to you.

Alberto: You know what's funny, I actually like a woman who can challenge me intellectually.
Cristela: Then you're in luck cause that's all women.