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Daniela's son Henry has a classmate over, whom Cristela is babysitting. When the mom, Wendy, arrives to pick up her son, she mistakes Cristela for the nanny. And Daniela does not correct her. 

Later, Wendy asks Cristela if she can babysit for her and Cristela only agrees because she knows Daniela is looking to get on Wendy's committee that raises money for the magnate school she'd like her children to go to. But when Wendy imposes on Cristela again, she has had enough. 

Daniela thinks she is being stubborn but Felix shows her that the way she is treating Cristela is wrong. Daniela apologizes to her and she accepts, although she can't believe that Felix would stick up for her. 

Meanwhile, Alberto offers to put Cristela's bed together for her if she agrees to a date. Once the bed is complete, he tries to seduce her a bit but she is not interested. 

At the office, the man who has made Trent's coffee for the past twenty years has passed away and he tasks Cristela, Josh and Maddie with making him a great cup of coffee. He promises that whoever makes the best cup will get a great career opportunity. 

Josh ends up winning and his reward is being Trent's new everyday coffee maker. 


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Cristela Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Cristela: Did that really just happen?
Natalia: I don't talk to the help.

Wendy: Daniela, I love Cristela. Where did you find such a great nanny?
Cristela: What? No, no, no, I'm not the nanny.
Daniela: Cris is so much more than that. I can't imagine life without her.
Cristela: You might want to start.