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The body of a young 20-year old women is discovered off the side of the road. However, her friend agenda page is still being updated. 

The team discovers that Elizabeth had been abducted and numbered by her captor. 

Avery receives a call from a woman named Trish who seems highly distressed. 

Simon informs Avery that a woman named Trisha was arrested and is asking for Avery. Simon informs Avery that Trisha has committed crimes at her sisters grave site. 

Avery goes to meet Trisha and finds her in a manic state. Meanwhile, the team discovers that the two women were be tracked because of their selfies. 

Mundo tracks down a suspect who sells masks of his face, which means another dead end for the case. 

Avery is having trouble dealing with Trisha, but begins working on the case again after talking to Krumitz. 

Avery and Mundo draw Vanessa into the open and Avery must help her see who she used to be. Vanessa refuses to give up any information and the team decides to lure the killer out. 

The team tracks down the location of the criminal when he reaches out on a dating site. 

The girls are reunited with their families and Avery and Trish discuss the past. 

CSI: Cyber
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CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Missy is worth more to you alive than dead. And as long as that is the case we stand a good chance of bringing her home alive.


I lost someone very close to me. She was murdered. But you know what gets me off the floor? This. The idea of bringing a daughter back home to her mother. I play that over and over in my head until it comes true. That is why I do what I do everyday. By healing you I heal me. My job is to stand up for Missy and so is yours.