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The daughter of a family friend goes missing and the Cyber team is on the case after realizing Zoe's phone was compromised. 

Raven discovers a website that was encouraging Zoe to kill herself and was using a spoof of her technology to post her private information. 

Nelson tracks down a teenager, Owen,who had been communication with Zoe online and told her to come be with him in North Carolina. Owen claims he did not send those messages, but that Zoe was at his house this morning and he told her to leave. 

Zoe posts a video of her giving an ultimatum to her cyber bully. Simon discovers that his son is on the list of students that were bullying Zoe. Erin shows Simon a video of Zoe using a gun and tells him the other students think she is crazy. 

Mundo and Avery track Zoe through her tablet and end up on a high speed chase. Simon calls and informs them Zoe has purchased ammunition for a shotgun using her credit card. Avery and Mundo pull a suspect over who is not Zoe, but who came in contact with Zoe earlier in the day. 

Avery speaks to Jennifer about why she was posting about her on the cyber bullying page. 

Avery and Jordan travel to a cabin in North Carolina that they believe Zoe went to. Avery realizes that Jordan was the intended victim of the cyber bullying. Mundo and Krumitz track down the device linked to the account and suspect the guidance counselor is responsible. 

Jordan and Avery arrive at the cabin and discover Zoe has accidentally shot herself. 





CSI: Cyber
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CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mundo: How are kids so cruel?
Raven: Because they are hiding behind a key board

Mundo: There are no pictures anywhere in here. It is like she didn't have any friends.
Avery:That's cute you still think teenagers print out photos. That's what social media is for.
Mundo: What are picture frames for?
Raven: Parents, grandparents, old people.
Mundo: I would get mad at you, but I walked myself right into that one.