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When the surveillance cameras go missing, Avery thinks that someone is trying to cover something out at a famous hotel. A body is of a woman is then discovered in a hotel. 

Mundo and Avery realize that the victim died 3 days before she was found dead. The team discovers the hotel conveniences are all connected to one computer and that someone may have hacked the computer to fake that she was alive. 

Raven tracks down a lead on the killer and Mundo arrests a suspect, who claims that he does not know anyone named Adel and that he did not go to the hotel. Despite pressure from Avery and Mundo, Evan continues to maintain his innocence. 

Avery talks to Adel's boyfriend and is suspicious that he had something to do with her death.

Meanwhile, Nelson and Krumitz try to obtain information from Adel's phone. The two discover that there was no record of the texts between Evan and Adel. The team realize Evan was framed by an evil twin router. The team is led to Adel's boyfriend, whom the team thinks Adel was running away from. 

Adel's boyfriend pursues Evan in New York and plans to kill him. 

Mundo intervenes at Evan's club and saves him from Shane. Shane almost jumps of the building, but is saved by Mundo. Avery tells Mundo that they still cannot place Shane in the hotel room at the time of Adel's murder. 


CSI: Cyber
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CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Elijah: You miss New York.
Avery: Well, I am feeling a bit nostalgic. O opened my first practice in Manhattan. I hung a shingle on a brownstone. Went from analyzing minds to analyzing cyber criminals. It wasn't really a plan, it just happened.

It feels personal. Our target crafted a motive for Evan, fabricated texts and GPS data, linked him to the hotel hack. He set up Evan as a fall guy for a reason, but why?