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A bloody horse is found at a casino. There is one boot left in its saddle. Anson's sister Anna is ill. She notices the blood leaking from his shoulder wound from the blast that killed Kline. Gil and Sara catch up Hodges and his lawyer about the Wix developments. Maxine suggests using a microchip to identify the horse. He has been missing for a year. The horse's owner had little to offer Maxine and Allie about the horse's activities. Folsom and Allie narrow down the search based on the substances found on the horse's shoe. Maxine disapproves of her son's plan of hosting at a casino. Folsom and Allie find the body of Emery Hollis, the rider, who had been shot, then beaten. He was returning to his ranch, where he ran a halfway house for teen murderers. Folsom and Gil talk about blood splatter. Allie is creeped out by the halfway house's residents. The thread that Mike found is a yarn sold by a store that Anna Wix follows. Emma Hodges calls because David is missing. He had gone to confront Wix and Sara finds him. One of the teens, Theo Lavelle, says that Emery was the victim of a hit-and-run accident recently. Maxine tests the blood and Theo's story adds up. The horse had been used for unauthorized breeding. The horse's owner was at Emery's ranch and admits he rammed his truck but denied murdering him. Gil interviews Anna. She admits that Anson hates CSIs for his losing so many cases and blames Hodges most of all. Emery's son Cory killed him because Cory had been using the horse for unauthorized breeding. He also killed his younger brother years earlier. Max allows Bryan to become a casino host. Folsom buys the horse. Maxine is demoted and suspended. 

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Gil: You know this guy pretty well, David. What kind of mistakes will he make?
Hodges: He doesn't make mistakes.

What have we got today, boss? A sign of the apocalypse?

Folsom [to Maxine]