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Undersheriff Wyatt lets Maxine come back for the search from Hodges. Hodges left a message "Tin" in the dust. A couple of cartel members abducted Hodges for Wix. Anson visits a handcuffed Hodges and leaves him a water. Hugo finds a car release in Guillermo's throat. Folsom tracks it to a car owned by gang member Tiny Rincon. The ink on Guiilermo's wrist may have come from Wix's pen. Max and Folsom interrogate Tiny but have to release him. Folsom and Allie recover Tiny's crushed car. Grissom confronts Wix and swabs a substance off his briefcase. A similiar substance was found on Tiny's shoe. It's a designer fragrance from a casino. Folsom and Allie cut up the car. They find a print from stripper Tiffany Winters. Max gets the formulas for many casino fragances. The signature came from the Mosaic Casino. Wix attempts to get the stay lifted on a civil trial against Hodges. Folsom and Allie go to the strip club to interview Tiffany. Tiny and his associate Manuel Garza is at the strip club. Gil, Sara, Max, and a group of deputies search the casino for Hodges. The judge lifts the stay. Tiny shoots Garza, who dies. The team continues cutting up Tiny's car. They recover Wix's pen. They find DNA for Huntington's Disease on the pen. Wyatt lets them haul in Wix and collect evidence from his person. Wix takes the Fifth while being interrogated by Gil and Sara. Maxine figures out that the copied signature fragrance came from a shuttered casino, The Green Emerald. Grissom uses the switchboard to call every room at once and finds Hodges' room since its phone isn't ringing. Gil and Sara hand Wix his charging documents. Hodges gets to see his baby. Max moves back into her office. 


CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Maxine: I only need one thing from you.
Wyatt: What's that?
Maxine: I need you to get out of my chair.

Allie: Do you think he's still alive?
Grissom: Let's not speculate.