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A body is found insideof a painted mannequin at the haunted house Necropolis. Catherine, seeking surveillance footage, causes a stir at the Eclipse. But board member Jodi Wallach offers to help her in her search for Grace. Gene Farrow, a creepy haunted house regular, says the mannequin has been there for five months. Allie suspects he's the one who left fingerprints on the mannequin's face, which he admits to doing. Allie's suspicions upset Farrow and he leaves. Allie meets Sonya and Jack Nikolayevich, the sister-and-brother team now staffing the morgue. Folsom joins Catherine's unofficial investigation. Reviewing the Eclipse footage, Folsom finds an SUV leaving the parking garage soon after Grace was last seen entering it. Beau uses putty to create a likeness of the murder victim, later identified as Tim Harker. Farrow lives in the apartment complex next to where Harker lived. Folsom gets his brother-in-law Trey to borrow the Eclipse's SUV with his wrecker. Folsom checks its navigation system. One trip was into the desert. Allie and Max discover the murder scene at Necropolis. Farrow admits to borrowing tools from there. Seeing a doll with her likeness at his apartment, Allie orders Farrow arrested. Catherine and Folsom determine Grace's body has been moved. Allie finds the murder weapon inside a table saw. Necropolis employee Lue Jasper had been having an affair with Harker's fiancee. Harker confronted him at Necropolis and Jasper killed him during their struggle. He painted the body and added it to Necropolis's collection. Both Jasper and the fiancee are arrested. Catherine finds a piece of tortoise shell among the soil brought back from the desert. Then she takes a call then bolts. The call was from Jodi, who had been stalked and assaulted. She's been scared off. Farrow tells Allie how he lost everything after being arrested. 

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Allie: Why do this to a body?
Max: Who did this? That's the question.

Beau: Collection tape, collection tape.
Maxine: What's in your pocket there?