Death In a Freezer - CSI: Vegas
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A restaurant worker arrives at work only to find a body hanging in the freezer. Chris identifies the victim as renowned chef Dario Donnelly. The victim was stabbed after he was frozen. The killer left the message "I'm so sorry." Maxine explains how a frozen corpse requires special handling. Interviews revealed that staff members had mixed emotions about Dario. The knife in Dario's ribs belonged to Damien, his sous chef. Jack transports the body upright in a luggage cart. Allie and Chris manage to lift prints from the killer from his message. Beau helps Folsom get prints from Dario's face. The message was from Dario. The prints on Dario's face are from four different staff members. Dario was having affairs with both Valerie and Holly. Folsom gets a smell of bitter almonds from the body. Sonya extrapolates that Dario may have been poisoned with cyanide but he's still too frozen to tell for sure. Damien admits that he told Dario that he was taking a new position. Max doesn't react well when Serena asks how she's doing after her attack. Chris suggests that the cyanide may have been mixed into Dario's spice rub. Beau confirms that there was only enough cyanide in the rub to knock out Dario. Based on Dario's stomach contents, he was put into the freezer right after his meal with the staff. Someone altered Dario's original message: "Messy." Messy was Dario's nickname for Albert, who hasn't shown up for work since Dario's death. Reviewing the video of Albert's interview, Max discovers Albert talking to himself in English using pop-culture references after she and Serena left the room. Albert has a lengthy criminal history under his real name. Folsom chases him to the roof and Albert jumps. Max can't sleep so she tries humming as Serena suggested.

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CSI: Vegas Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You seem pretty excited. That's kinda creepy.

Serena [to Chris]

Max: I came up solving frozen-body cases like this. I did everything you do plus ...
Chris: Walked 10 miles in the snow?
Max: As a matter of fact ... [to Serena] Where's your coat?
Serena: This is a coat.
Max: That's a glorified jean jacket. All right. You're going to end up like this fella.