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The episode opened with someone being force fed a meal of chowder and shredded credit cards. Then the CSI’s were called in to investigate some suspisious looking ooze leaking out of the back of a shredder truck headed to the dump.

After sorting through the shredded debris the team managed to seperate out the shredded body from the rest of the garbage, and found some valuble clues, pieces of credit card and bullet fragments.

Ray recieved a letter from Nate Haskell meant to rattle his cage.

The shredded credit card led the team to Larry Lamotte, the CEO of an anit-identy theft company, who they origianlly believed to be the shredded body. Upon arriving at Larry La Motte’s company  Ray and Brass found that he was actually very alive. Larry suspected someone may have stolen his idenity.

Further investigation showed that Larry Lamotte’s head of security, Julius Kaplan, had dealings with the shredder company where the body was disposed of. The police and Nick arrived at Kaplan’s house only to find him shot by the pool.

Back to the drawing board, a cold case from Reno ended up holding the clues that helped wrap the case up. The body in the shredder really was Larry La Motte, the Larry Lamotte of the identiy theft company was actually a former felon himself and was paying the real Larry off. Kaplan then killed the real La Motte to get the money back, and was in turn killed by the company’s executive assisant.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Believe me I get it. Two ships passing... it takes a while for the fog to clear.


Nick: What's the code for suspicious ooze?
Ray: 666... well, at least, the primordial variety. Stuff of heaven and hell.