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Greg and Nick made a bet over a photo on the internet that Nick thought was of a fake crime scene. When the two CSIs arrived at the scene of the crime they discovered that the murder depicted in the picture was real.

An investigation of the body and the photo revealed that the photo had indeed been a fake, but the same woman had been murdered two days later and posed in the exact same position. Fibers from her dress were from a zebra skin seat, and a photo taken by officers of a recent celebrity abduction led the CSI to an interview with Carrot Top.

Carrot Top informed CSI that he had been abducted by crazed fans, and he recognized the woman as a hooker that those fans had acquired for him before knocking him out. Anonymous photos posted onto a networking site, and pieces of a costume from a hotel revealed that the murder and abduction were part of some sort of twisted scavenger hunt.

The costume pieces stolen from a Spartan greeter at one of the hotels revealed a finger print which led to the arrest of the three men who had taken the photos, and all of the men showed surprise when they learned that the hooker had been murdered. For a brief moment evidence circled around to implicate the hooker's boyfriend, but a solid alibi and finger prints found on money the hooker deposited into her boyfriend's account proved that one of the three men playing the treasure hunt had committed the murder.

Hodges brought in his newly purchased vintage motorcycle so that Ray could help fix it. Ray told Hodges that his bike was a fake. Blood found on the bike's air filter spurred Hodges into investigating and he discovered that the parts from his bike had been salvaged from the head on collision of two buses. The men at the salvage yard who had separated the buses had failed to report the findings of the crushed motorcycle and its rider.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Nick: She's most sincerely dead.
Greg: I suppose it would be tasteless to mention the hundred bucks you owe me.
Nick: Extremely.

Greg: And to quote, "She's not only merely dead. She's really most sincerely dead."
Nick: I beg to differ, Dorothy.
Greg: If you knew your Wizard of Oz, you'd know that it was the Munchkin coroner that pronounced her dead. Not the girl with the dog.