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The episode opened with a college party and a UNLV student dying by falling or jumping off a bridge on campus. Finn and DB quickly determine he had help and didn’t jump on his own.


The trail for who helped the victim Pete is muddled by the fact he was a social networking pariah and had made several enemies along the way sharing gossip and personal information on his video blog. 


DB and his team followed Pete’s social networking trail to the class of Professor Laudner, who was a former Paparazzi himself. While completing their investigation Nick and Greg learned that Laudner was having sex with his students but one of them wasn’t consensual. 


After determining which student had been raped by Professor Laudner, Finn asked the girl to press charges so that Laudner would go to jail and not hurt anyone else. She flat refused and Laudner walked. She was feeling guilty because it was an argument about Laudner that she and Pete had that had resulted in him slipping and falling off the bridge. 


In the in Laudner was not brought up on legal charges, but using the social network and trending that Pete had used, Laudner was put under social pressure including UNLV having fired him. 

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CSI Season 12 Episode 17 Quotes

Greg: It's Pete's phone
Nick: Think this is Pete's killer?
Greg: [holds up phone] I think we got a strong connection.

Maybe someone pushed this kid over the edge.