Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4

"Opening Night"

Larry forgets his lines during the opening night of The Producers; Cheryl reminds Larry to cash in on his anniversary present before midnight.

"The Survivor"

Larry and Cheryl renew their vows for their tenth anniversary.

"Wandering Bear"

Larry's adult video purchase gets him in trouble with his longtime assistant, Antoinette; Larry gets herbal medicine from his landscaper.

"The Surrogate"

Larry befriends a surrogate mom; Larry confronts his doctor about the waiting room magazines while waiting for a clean bill of health.

"The Car Pool Lane"

Larry hires a prostitute so he can use the HOV lane on the way to a Dodgers game; Larry attempts to get medical marijuana for his dad;

"The 5 Wood"

The country club threatens to ban Larry if he doesn't clean his locker. Larry steals a club from a casket.

"The Weatherman"

Larry gets angry at the weatherman's inaccurate forecast; Larry scares the Greenes' daughter with pictures of his plaque.

"The Blind Date"

Larry sets Michael up on a "blind" date with a Muslim woman; Jeff admits to Larry that he's fantasized about Cheryl.

"Ben's Birthday Party"

Larry meets back up with his blind friend, Michael. The Davids are invited to Ben Stiller's birthday party.

"Mel's Offer"

After hearing Larry at karaoke, Mel Brooks offers LD the lead role in The Producers.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4 Quotes

Wang isn't a bad first name. Wang. Then you got the whole "-ang" family. Fang, Bang, Tang.


Dr. Morrison: There is a slight bit of pain involved. Nothing more than a little prick.
Larry: Yeah, there definitely is a prick involved.