Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3

"The Grand Opening"

With the restaurant opening upon him, Larry decides to fire the chef, break the thumbs of a popular food critic, and hire a new chef with Tourette syndrome.

"Mary, Joseph and Larry"

Christmas time is not easy for Larry between country club tipping and dealing with his maid and gardener; Cheryl invites her family for the holiday.

"Krazee-Eyez Killa"

Larry befriends Wanda's fiancé, a rapper named Krazee-Eyez Killa, and searches LA for his thrown away prop jacket for a re-shoot.

"The Corpse Sniffing Dog"

When Jeff returns home to Susan, the dog begins to cause him allergies. Larry comes up with a plan to get their daughter to give away the dog.

"The Special Section"

Larry is shocked he's not told of his mother's dead until after her funeral. He uses her death as an excuse to get out of things.

"The Terrorist Attack"

Wanda Sykes warns Larry that there's going to be a terrorist attack in LA when they're holding an Alanis Morisette-hosted NRDC benefit.

"The Nanny from Hell"

Jeff and Susie get back together once he finds out she's pregnant; Larry gets one of the restaurant investors' nannies fired.

"Club Soda and Salt"

Needing a new chef for the restaurant, Larry sinks Ted Dason's rescue attempt. Meanwhile, Larry becomes jealous of Cheryl's friendship with a male cast member.

"The Benadryl Brownie"

A dropped cell phone call causes an allergic reaction for Richard Lewis' Christian Scientist girlfriend.

"Chet's Shirt"

Larry becomes obsessed with a shirt he sees in a deceased friend's photo; Larry and Jeff invest in a swanky restaurant.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3 Quotes

Hugh: Fuck you!
Larry: Fuck Hugh!

I know they're temporaries, but temporaries aren't supposed to look like Chiclets.