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Larry starts dating the hostess at one of his favorite restaurants, assuming it won't be a problem once they break up.  He talks as they make out, he asks for money back that he gave her, and he doesn't say "I'm sorry" when she says her father died, so she breaks up with him.  He tries to go back to the restaurant, but she puts something in his food.

Larry's assistant is off sitting at her father's death bed, so he is a mess.  The new guy in the building steals all of his kitchen space, and he misses appointments.  He's late for a lunch with Richard Lewis, so he says that his doctor kept him waiting.  Lewis spreads this rumor about the doctor to everyone, so the doc starts losing business.  The doc confronts Larry and ends up holding up the funeral for Larry's assistant's father.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Cheek to cheek contact for men, that's unacceptable.


Jeff: You're shittin' where you eat.
Larry: That's right. I'm shitting where I eat.