The Carnival - Damnation
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Creeley is meeting with Martin Eggers Hyde. Not only did Hyde release Creeley from prison to hire him for the job, Creeley asked for the job specifically. Since Creeley has been less than effective at breaking the strike, Hyde hired someone to kill the preacher and his wife. This doesn't sit well with Creeley, especially when he isn't told a name of who might be doing the killing.

At that moment, a fella jumps off the back of a truck just down the road from where Seth is preaching. He's holding a gun.

The Sheriff takes Bessie to a house for sale. He wants to know what's between the cowboy and the preacher. For the rest of the downpayment, Bessie agrees to talk.

DL pays a visit to Amelia with his writings about the life and death struggles of the common man. The gun-toting fella is hiding in her barn.

Believing DL has a gift, Amelia wants to start up an underground newspaper.

Creeley is worried about anybody new who might have come to town. He checks with the carnival. 

Creeley is very excited when he runs across the carnival wrestler. He expresses how he felt when he saw the guy wrestle, and in doing so wins him over. He tells Creeley they picked up a guy in Des Moines and dropped him off by a church.

Seth knows the man. His name is Lou. It's the man whose picture the sheriff just put on the wall in the station. He's wanted. What are the odds he shows up at the same time Hyde hired someone to kill Seth?

Amelia and DL write their first paper.

Bessie is looking through Creeleys things for proof of his relationship with Seth.

Creeley tells Amelia if she values her life, she'll leave town. Someone has been hired to kill them both. She refuses to believe him, but when she gets home, Lou is in the tub.

Lou must be the other boy who was in the scenes with him and Creeley when they were growing up.

A simple "why are you really here" turns into a fight. They work it out, though, and the next day are drinking and shooting. Lou recalls Seth was best shooting between five and eight drinks. He was right.

Seth and Lou make Rumple a hood ornament, and while he's tied to the train tracks ask him who hired him. He doesn't play along. We don't see the end of the scene, but when Creeley is milling nearby, a dog wanders along carrying a charred hand in his mouth.

The preacher takes a cleaned up Lou to the carnival, along with his flask. The carnival even sports a Hoover demonstration. 

Creeley follows the circling crows and finds the buried bodies. He also discovers Rumple walking along the road, hoping to leave the town, the state even.

At the carnival, a secret is revealed. DL is the town sharpshooter. 

Bessie doesn't deliver to her daddy the connection between Creeley and Seth, but she delivers the name Duval and gets the downpayment.

The Hoover salesman is the killer. He grabs his gun and goes after the couple of the hour. When they go into the haunted house, he follows and gets out of his car to try to hunt them down, but he's a little too late, as they stayed inside for some sexy time.

Because Lou was dressed as a preacher, the killer shot the wrong man. Creeley, meanwhile, stopped the ferris wheel and put the dead bodies onto the seats. Except I'm not sure how that will keep Seth alive or help him achieve anything.

Creeley saves Seth from the killer, and we learn why he's really there. Because Seth framed his brother for murders he committed back in Wyoming.

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Damnation Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

DL: I'm not sure that we thought this through.
Amelia: Oh, come on, DL. Did Thomas Paine get cold feed when he wrote the Rights of Men?
DL: Thomas Paine was arrested for treason.

Carny: It doesn't feel the way you wish it would, does it?
Creeley: What doesn't?
Carny: Freedom, revenge, the world of men.