Negotiations Begin - Damnation
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Connie is near an auto-workers strike seeking the bad man named Earl Donohue. She uses dear child to get at him. He has a wife and a child the same age as dear.

Bessie offers Creeley some honey for the rope burn around his neck. He wonders why the sheriff helped him. He's wondering because he knows exactly who got him the help.

He gives her an extra $100, and she puts it into her box, now filled with bills and laying under a drawing of a house for which she's saving.

The banker is pissed about getting a penny for the farm.

Creeley wants to know how Rumple plans on getting milk to make ice cream because he knows the plan will fail.

Seth and friends are at the bridge to see the milk as it was moving through town. Scabs!!

Creeley and Rumple ride up in time to see the scuffle.

The sheriff visits Bessie looking for information he can use to drive the cowboy out of town. He promises to make it worth her while when he sees her stash for a downpayment. Bessie is upset.

Seth is excited things are working in their favor.

Farmers are dumping their milk rather than selling it.

Creeley sneaks up on one doing it. He wants to help him. Creeley wonders how the corn farmers talked the milk farmers into the same strike. He thinks the corn farmers know they have it a lot easier than the milk farmers.

Amelia wants DL to wake the hell up and threatens Burt Babbage, pitying him for his unrecognized future.

Connie heads into the Donahue house killing all inside, but not without discovering one of Amelia's pamphlets and the Preacher's location -- Iowa.

Seth and Amelia were hoping they could negotiate with the food distributor but Creeley was already there.

Creeley antagonized Seth by mentioning family and said they'll meet the next day at the bargaining table.

At home, Amelia wants to know what he meant by the murderous tendencies running in the family and how Seth could be so certain the strikebreaker has no grit.

He begins telling Amelia the story about his brother.

Seth is the Creeley's older brother. When Seth's mother died, his father rode out of town and returned a week later with Creeley. Born in a brothel, he was soft, but dad tried toughening him up. Seth always looked out for him against father's abuses.

What we don't learn is why their love was killed with Cynthia.

Creeley riles people up during the negotiations by pitting the dairy farmers against the corn farmers.

Victor takes the deal and Seth calls him Judas.

Seth decides to ride into town with him while his milk is being delivered. Creeley is still eating ice cream outside the shop when they arrive.

The owner of the ice cream shop is excited, but the Victor isn't quite sure what to do.

Creeley urges Archibald to go get his milk, telling him he has his back.

Seth shortly has blood all over his face and a good portion of the milk is spilling onto the ground.

Seth seems utterly shocked and is on the ground at his brother's mercy.


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Damnation Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Amelia: I'm not her, you know. I'm nobody's picture of girlish innocence or goodness.
Seth: Thank God.

Creeley: You are gonna have to show me exactly how you plan on getting this milk into town.
Calvin: Why?
Creeley: Cuz, if I don't know your plan, I don't know how it's gonna fail.