Camille en Rouge - Dangerous Liaisons
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Camille wakes in bed. A glass of wine is spilled on the white sheets. She rings for a maid, but no one comes.

Camille heads downstairs to find all the furniture covered. Majordome explains all the servants have left, as Jean intends to take her to Saint-Domingue, where they will reside.

Camille refuses to leave Paris, as she has to be at the opera tonight. Majordome wishes her luck, kisses her hand, and then leaves her alone.

Pascal is being held prisoner in the Montrachet home.

Azolan heads to Pascal's but finds it empty. He opens the door, only to see Ondine standing there. She steps in and searches. She asks Azolan for Pascal's whereabouts.

Azolan tells her Pascal is out. She tells him to give Pascal a message -- his allegiance to Camille will be his downfall, and he should call on her, as she has a proposition. Ondine leaves.

Jacqueline asks Henri for Odette's whereabouts. He tells her the girl is hidden, to be raised by women without moral failing. Henri scolds her for trying to steal his child and potentially bringing his name into disrepute.

Jacqueline asks what he is going to do to Lucien. Henri says he will make him "disappear" and threatens to send Jacqueline to the asylum if any gossip gets out.

Abbaye meets with Jean. Abbaye asks if Jean has done all the Duke requires. Jean says an "Ariadne" waits for the Duke in the usual place, but he is done with this work. Abbaye bows and bids him goodbye -- until his services are required again.

Camille returns to her room and finds Victoire's cloak. She searches the home's many rooms for Victoire but cannot find her. Camile kneels in the chapel. She notices a tapestry blowing in the wind. She looks behind it and finds a secret passageway.

Camille heads downstairs into a dark tunnel. She takes a lantern from the wall and walks further, now up some stairs. She notices a red thread on the floor and follows it. It leads her to doors on the ground, which she opens. She calls for Victoire.

Jean appears, telling her they have to get out. Victoire calls from the hidden room below. Camille runs to her. Jean tells Camille to leave her, saying Victoire is an "Ariadne" now. Camille grabs a rope and attempts to strangle him.

Jean overpowers her and grabs her by the throat, holding her against the wall. Majordome appears and smashes the lantern over Jean's head. Jean falls.

Camille chokes Jean with the rope until he dies on the ground. Majordome looks over the corpse of his dead master. Camille hugs Victoire.

Jacqueline visits Pascal, who is bloody and beaten. She slaps him across the face. He stands. She tells him that her husband intends to punish him and she cannot save him, but she can save his soul. She tells him to kneel and ask God for forgiveness.

Jacqueline kneels with him and tells the manservant to leave them in private. She tells him Henri is threatening her with the asylum and wants to kill Lucien.

Pascal asks if she will go to the opera, which she confirms. He asks her to write everything about them in a letter. He will find a way to get to the opera, threaten Henri if he does not let them go together, and read the letter to the audience.

Jacqueline says this would ruin her. Pascal says Henri will not let him finish to protect himself.

Majordome says he ought to send for the guards, but Camille reproaches him for trying to seek justice for a man like Jean.

Majordome tells her that Jean took away his name 20 years ago when he brought him to Saint-Honoré, and tells her his real name is Étienne du Beurre. He assures he there will be no guards and tells her to leave this to him.

Jacqueline writes a letter to Henri about the terrible thing he did all those years ago. Suzette brings her tea, but Jacqueline says nothing to her maid.

Camille cleans Victoire up, asking if Jean did anything to her. Victoire says he didn't touch her. Camille apologizes for putting Victoire at risk and for everything she did.

Camille says Victoire is her best friend and Victoire returns the sentiment. Camille assures her they can have the life they always wanted now he's gone.

Victoire says she must go. Camille asks for forgiveness. Victoire forgives her; she wants to go to the new world to see who she can be without Camille. Victoire asks Camille to find peace. Camille says she will, after tonight.

Abbaye gives Gabriel some extra coin, but Gabriel says he has done nothing to earn it. Abbaye urges him to forget the matter of the club and focus on keeping good men safe.

Pascal, alone, struggles to free himself.

Dressed for the opera, Camille tells Victoire she worries about how she'll get on without her. Camille asks Victoire to promise they'll be together again.

Camille puts the finishing touches on her makeup. Victoire has already left.

Victoire heads downstairs, where Étienne gives her provisions for her journey. Victoire asks him to care for Camille, though she may not always thank him. Étienne hugs Victoire, and Victoire leaves.

Jacqueline heads out to the opera, but Henri is not there. Suzette tells her that she is to accompany her to the opera, and they must not delay.

Pascal manages to knock a file off the table and grabs it. He saws the rope that binds his hands.

Jacqueline orders the carriage to stop when she sees Azolan. Suzette says they must not stop, but Jacqueline insists the boy needs her charity. She gets out, gives Azolan the letter, and tells him Pascal is in her house but will be out soon.

Jacqueline returns to the carriage, and they drive away. Azolan opens the letter and reads it.

Camille tells Étienne she must leave and that Jean cannot be found in the house. Étienne says he will take Jean's body and dump it in a ditch outside Paris. Camille says that as Jean's widow, she still holds his power, and they realize he must be found.

All of Parisian society is in attendance at the Queen's opera. Florence de Reignier notes to Eloise that Camille, in her box, has married the Marquis. Jacqueline arrives and sits in her box. Camille watches from across the opera hall.

Fanfare sounds. The Queen enters, and all stand and bow before her. She sits. Chevalier Saint-Jacques steps out before the audience to applause. He informs them that the story they are about to see is true, and all the characters in the story are in this theatre.

The opera begins, and the opening number is a woman (Chevalier's male lover) singing that secrets are the greatest power of her sex.

Pascal emerges from his prison and hugs Azolan, saying they must get to the opera.

A young woman playing Camille sings onstage. Another woman, representing Jacqueline, appears and sings that they will be like mother and daughter.

Jacqueline applauds and looks at Camille in her box.

On stage, the story continues as the Opera-Camille dances with the Opera-Henri. Camille and Jacqueline both grow uncomfortable. Opera-Henri rips Opera-Camille's bodice open to reveal a corset.

Jacqueline recalls an argument with Henri when she confronted him, saying Camille insists she's with child and that he took her against her will. Henri says that Camille is lying.

Opera-Henri sings to Opera-Camille that this will be their secret.

Pascal has explained the situation to Azolan, who understands. Pascal finds himself in an impossible situation. Without giving the letter to Camille, she would think he failed. But with the letter, she will know her daughter didn't die but is still lost to her.

Opera-Camille laments her plight.

Étienne douses Jean's body with alcohol, leaves him in the middle of the street, and then hides as a carriage runs over the body.

In a snowy scene at a gate, Opera-Jacqueline confronts Opera-Camille, repeating that God does not forgive. Jacqueline grows more uncomfortable in her box.

Opera-Camille pulls out a dagger. The crowd gasps. Opera-Camille slices her wrists, and red ribbons flow from her wrists. The entire company appears onstage, singing "Even God does not forgive" over and over, slowly pointing at Jacqueline in her box.

Jacqueline looks across the theatre at Camille and whispers her name.

The crowd sits in stunned silence. Chevalier Saint-Jacques joins the company onstage. An audience member stands, angrily reprimanding the Chevalier for exalting a peasant, stating that they are their betters.

Camille looks at the Montrachet box, but it is empty. She gets up and leaves. The crowd yells "Shame!" at Chevalier.

Jacqueline walks alone through the empty entrance hall. Camille appears, removing the ribbons from her wrists and exposing her scars, and tells Jacqueline not to run. Jacqueline asks her why she did all this. Camille says Jacqueline knew what Henri did but chose to stand by him.

Jacqueline insists the consequences were too great for her, but if she could go back and change it, she would have protected Camille, for she loved her.

Camille hugs her and asks for her help. She begs Jacqueline to tell the crowd that the opera is the truth -- a man like Henri cannot be at the king's side.

Jacqueline says she must leave before it is too late -- she is not protecting Henri but escaping from him, leaving Paris tonight with a man.

Camille mentions Lucien. Jacqueline asks how she knows Lucien. Camille says she created him -- she has paid him to make her love him. Jacqueline won't believe it.

Camille reminds her that Jacqueline fell into his arms when she was doused in pig's blood. It has all been lies at Camille's command to draw a letter from Jacqueline.

Jacqueline breaks down in tears. She asks Camille when it will end. Camille replies that it won't. Jacqueline, in a stupor, leaves, as the opera lets out and everyone else departs.

Camille leaves the opera, walking down a dark alley. The prostitutes tease her, asking if she has come to judge them. Camille removes her jewels and passes them out among the women. She bows deeply to them and walks to her carriage, where Pascal sits, still bloody.

Camille is surprised to see him. He says he's been trying to get back to her because he loves her. He takes her hand. She asks what happened to him. He says he needs to tell her about Jacqueline, but she refuses to hear.

Camille tells him she is his and that she wants to live again. They ride away.

Jacqueline returns home to Henri. He says he warned her, and she did not heed him. He rings for the guards, and they drag her away, screaming.

Pascal reminds Camille that everything is a map, and they remember their time together making love on the map of Paris. They kiss.

Rose considers the letters. A client comes in, and she tells him she doesn't work there, pushing him aside, saying she is meant for better things, and she leaves.

Abbaye informs Gabriel that the Marquis de Merteuil was found dead in the streets last night, run over by a carriage. The matter of the Labyrinth is closed. Gabriel examines Jean's body and notices the strangulation marks around his neck.

Camille leaves Pascal's in the early morning. Azolan comes in, noting Camille seemed happy. Pascal says he couldn't tell her and that they must first find Odette, and then he will tell her.

Azolan gives Pascal Ondine's card, saying she came by, that she knows all about him and Camille, and has a proposition for him.

Camille returns home. Étienne gives Camille a black cloak and veil, telling her Jean's body was found, she's in mourning, and there's an officer to see her.

Gabriel enters. He does not recognize her. He informs her that he believes her husband was murdered. Camille says a carriage ran him over.

Gabriel says Jean had a rope burn around his neck. He asks her if she found out before or after the opera. Camille says she wouldn't have gone to the opera had she known.

Gabriel notes she is not dressed for grief. She tries to hide her hands. He grabs her hands and sees the rope burns. He pulls off her veil and recognizes her.

Gabriel is surprised to see "his" Camille here as he thought she was dead. She offers him money. He insists she is hers, as he paid for her. She says she will do whatever he wants if he lets her go. Gabriel wants her to love him.

Camille refuses. He tells her she will not love any other man and bids her write to Valmont and tell him she'll never see him again. She must do this, or Gabriel will see she hangs for her crime.

Camille writes a letter to Valmont. She tells him he has played a game with him -- she never forgave him and used him every day so that she might flourish in this world. She says her marriage has given her wealth, a title, and widowhood -- all things she wanted. She says she will not see him again.

Valmont shows up at Saint-Honoré, calling for Camille, saying he knows what she wrote is a lie, but Étienne holds him back. Étienne tells him every word is true, and he should never come again. Étienne throws Pascal out.

Valmont shows up at Ondine's, asking about her proposition. She tells him it will be on her terms. He says it will be on his terms and asks her to listen.

When the matter is settled, Pascal leaves.

At the Marquis's funeral, the priest asks everyone to pray for the widow de Merteuil. After the funeral, Étienne helps Camille up. As they walk down the aisle, Ondine tells her she is sorry for her loss.

Valmont walks beside Camille. Camille tells him if he loves her, he should walk away. Valmont tells her it's war between them now and walks away. Gabriel watches Camille from the shadows.

Dangerous Liaisons
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Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Victoire: Find peace, Camille. Please, for me.
Camille: After tonight.
Victoire: Then let me help you dress for your battle.

God will always save us.