An Attack From Within - Dark Matter
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Six is at the meeting of the delegates of the independent colonies when they come under attack from Ferrous Corp. They retreat to the Raza, but while they're in transit, one of the representatives is mysteriously murdered.

The ship then comes under attack from within: the Android has been hacked and is now under the control of a man working for Zairon. Ryo and a number of his men board the Raza using the Transfer Transit pods in the cargo bay.

Two and Three are captured, and Six and the delegates are held by Ryo, who attempts to convince the delegates to join his side in his war. Six points out that the delegates would come to regret this.

Five evades capture and contacts Sarah, who fills her in on what's happening. Together, they come up with a way to temporarily free the Android and go after the hacker.

After frying the hacker's brain, the Android is released and frees the rest of the crew. The crew neutralizes Ryo's men but allow Ryo to return to Zairon with his memories intact.

They drop off the delegates, but the Android reveals that she was not the one to kill the murdered man while hacked.

The crew figures out a way to bypass the damage to the blink drive and begin a test, only for something to go horribly wrong and knock them all unconscious.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Three: If you’re headed to the mess hall, I’d reconsider. Debate club’s in session.
Five: How’s it going in there?
Three: Oh, about as well as you’d expect, which is somewhere between hopeless and terrible.

The best alliances are formed from necessity, not convenience.