Transported - Dark Matter
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The crew of the Raza awakens after something goes wrong with the blink drive (again!) and discover, much to their dismay, that they've actually traveled back in time 600 years or so -- in short, to around the year 2017.

Without any other obvious destination, they head to Earth to at the very least get supplies. Once they arrive, the Android detects the presence of a second blink drive in a small town in Wisconsin.

The decide to infiltrate suburbia in the hopes of finding the other blink drive. Unfortunately, they attract the attention of a group of neighborhood kids, who follow them and eventually find the Marauder parked in the woods.

The Raza crew find the blink drive, and its owner, a former Alecto Corp scientist on the project to develop it. At first, he refuses to give up the drive. But then things go wrong when Six gets caught at the Marauder, which was found by local authorities.

With the scientist's help, Five travels back in time to incapacitate the cops in the woods in the present using the Marauder's engines. She gives a few words of encouragement to one of the kids who took a liking to her.

They return to the present and discover that the kid's descendent actually helped develop faster-than-light travel.

Meanwhile, Commander Nieman, joined by alternate-universe Marcus Boone and Portia Lin, contacts Ryo.

In the closing moments of the episode, the Android is contacted by Victor, who requests her help.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Sarah: Can’t you see how this changes things? You’re not stuck on this ship anymore! You’re free to go down there and start a new life! Have a chance with someone else, someone real.
Three [insistent]: You’re real.
Sarah: But *this* isn’t. As much as I want it to be, it’s not. It’s a fantasy.
Three: Okay, but you know what *is* real? My feelings for you.
Sarah: *Now*. But how long until you start resenting me, stop coming to visit? How long are we going to keep pretending this is enough? I can’t live like this. I need more.

Three: We went six hundred years into the future?
Android: No. Of course not.
Three: Good. Had me going there for a second.
Android: We’ve traveled six hundred years into the past.