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Shawn and Belle leave for their high school reunion. As the kids catch up on what they are doing, Philip arrives, much to the delight of the women in attendance. Chloe defends Mimi when someone makes a comment about her. Finding Cynthia coming on to Philip, Chloe helps him by warning her that "he's taken."

Revealing that her marriage to Brady didn't last, Chloe asks if they can be friends. Philip agrees to consider the idea. Belle is next to chat and acts surprised when Chloe asks what's going on between her and Philip. Belle's rocked to hear about her divorce and Chloe takes Shawn aside and tells him about running into Belle outside Philip's hotel room. Upset, Shawn accuses Belle (Martha Madison) of sleeping with Philip.

Abe (James Reynolds) advises Bo that thanks to his work, he has a warrant to find the gun Lucas bought. As Lucas lays into his mother for tampering with Steve's brakes, Kayla wonders who would do such a thing. Steve (Stephen Nichols) takes Kayla into the back of his car in hopes of starting a family but Hope (Kristian Alfonso) interrupts. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) hints that he's taken care of the other gun.

E.J. hands Lucas a package to give to Sami. Lucas is unaware the package contains a baby monitor which allows E.J. to hear what he and Kate are discussing. As E.J. listens, Kate warns Lucas to be nicer to his rival, especially if he shot him. Abe and Bo arrive with the search warrant and search the place but fail to find the gun. Sami (Alison Sweeney) returns home and blames the intrusion on Kate...

Days of Our Lives
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