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PART I: Having heard Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) discuss the shooting and Lucas' gun, E.J. guesses Sami knows who shot him and asks her to admit it. When she denies it, he claims she knows Lucas shot him but she again states she has no idea who shot him. He then invites her to move in with him but she refuses. As the high school reunion dance continues, Shawn demands to know if Belle slept with Philip.

PART II: Belle (Martha Madison) evades answering directly and suggests now is not the time to talk about this. Shawn insists but before they can talk any further, Chloe announces from the stage that they need to come up and accept their award for high school sweethearts who married each other. Philip watches as they reluctantly do as ordered. Cynthia continues to flirt with Philip and accuses him of still being attracted to Belle.

PART III: Chloe tells Philip that she told Shawn about Belle in Philip's hotel room. Shawn demands the truth from Belle or he's walking out on her. She admits that she and Philip arranged for him to find the planted gun. She goes on to admit that in return for helping Shawn, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) got to spend some "alone time" with her. Shawn decides to tell Bo what happened but Philip stops him from calling...

PART IV: Steve (Stephen Nichols) advises Hope (Kristian Alfonso) about the cut brake line. She comments on the "vendetta." Knowing Bo wants to ask him some questions, Lucas asks Billie to lie for him. Though he says he did not shoot E.J. (James Scott), she won't lie. Examining the car, Bo (Peter Rechell) wonders aloud to Steve who would want them to think that the "vendetta" had not ended. Hearing Lucas trying to convince Sami (Alison Sweeney) he has to get to the warehouse to pick up a package, E.J. calls and poses as Lucas.

Days of Our Lives
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