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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, as Kayla fumes because Steve hung up on her, Stephanie tries to reassure her that Steve would never be involved with that "other woman."

Kayla decides that she's well enough to get out of bed and leave the hospital.

Bo tells Lexie he wants her to release him from the hospital to find Hope. She refuses and threatens to restrain him. She calls Roman but he insists that the police not be involved.

Roman visits Kayla first and she tells him about the stalker and Steve hanging up on her.

Roman guesses Steve would never do anything dangerous. After he leaves, Kayla tricks Stephanie into leaving so she can make her escape. She confronts Bo about Steve's call and he eventually reveals that Steve and Hope are being held captive and that Ava thinks Hope and Steve are married.

An orderly snaps a photo of Stephanie. Ava's psychiatrist is suspicious of her attitude but she insists she's not hiding anything from him. She then accuses him of telling her father everything he learns about her.

He wants to increase her medication in hopes that she might remember something from her past.

The pills don't work. Hope is surprised to see Steve outside and follows his suggestion and breaks a window without opening it to make her escape. But as they try to climb a wall, one of the guards stops them. Steve gets the upper hand but then is stopped again when Angelo arrives and threatens to shoot.

Steve lies to Ava that he was only trying to help Hope escape because she's pregnant and wants to get away from him. Ava shows Steve a photo of Stephanie and warns him that if he tries to escape again, Stephanie will die.

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