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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Nick watches as Chelsea has coffee with Daniel who invites her to show him around Salem. She quickly accepts. Nick then joins them and congratulates Daniel.

He wants to take her to the hospital but she insists she'll be fine.

Alone with the doctor, Nick questions his growing friendship with his patient but Daniel insists it's innocent. When Chelsea returns to Nick, he asserts that his future is with her.

She agrees but keeps glancing at Daniel. After ordering his associate to find him, Philip assures Chloe that he is doing all he can to find Brady. She worries about another call she received from the Austrian consulate.

Nicole enters and Philip admits they were talking about Brady.

He then offers to take Nicole out to dinner. Before they leave, she calls the Austrian consulate. At the Chez Rouge Nicole spots Sami and decides to confront her, boasting that she's back in town to stay.

After Philip takes her away, Sami fills E.J. in on Nicole's schemes. Nicole returns and asks E.J. for legal advice concerning her marriage that was declared over when Victor was thought to be dead. Two men confront Chloe and announces that she is needed at the Austrian consulate.

John approaches Marlena with an offer to let her try to return him to the man he once was.

He asks her to hypnotize him but warns that once she realizes she can't bring the "old John" back, he wants her to accept him for what he is now. After her session shows he remembers nothing from the past, John asks Marlena to give up on trying to change him.

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Days of Our Lives
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