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Another Days of our Lives begins as Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is having a nightmare. She was dreaming about Ford raping her.

Max (Darin Brooks) tries to comfort her.

At the pub, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) asks Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about her appointment at the fertility clinic. Everything seems to be going well.

Across the room, Bo (Peter Reckell), Roman (Josh Taylor) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) discuss the details of the case of the mysterious psychic.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) scolds his understudy.

Belle (Martha Madison) now has a bodyguard on her. She leaves to go to class, with Crystal (Ashlee Holland) on their tail.

Bo and Roman can't get a warrant for the building where Marlena first met Crystal, so Steve offers to do some after-hours snooping for them.

Max suggests to Stephanie that she see a therapist. But she's afraid to confront all of the damage that she has suffered and buried in her mind.

John (Drake Hogestyn) wants to go out, but Stefano says he can't. He lies that John is a wanted fugitive, which is why he must keep him a secret.

Kayla wants to know that Steve is not just doing this for her. He reassures her that he would never bring a child into this world that he doesn't want.

Stephanie makes an appointment to see Dr. Whitney this morning, so Max offers to take her over there. She thanks him for everything he's done.

Marlena tells Stefano that the serial number of her gun has been scraped off and is thus untraceable. She threatens to shoot, and John overhears.

Steve goes to the hospital for his appointment, but Stephanie is also there with Max. Dr. Whitney shows up and promises to be strictly confidential.

Roman and Bo meet a man who comes out of the building next to the cleaners.  Bo asks him if he's heard of C.B. DiMera, but the dude doesn't.

Stefano tells Marlena that she's insane, and she answers by firing a round.  She says that the next time she shoots, she won't miss.

Bo and Roman still don't have a warrant to search the building.

Stephanie's appointment is over, and Dr. Whitney has set her up with two appointments a week. She seems remarkably upbeat after her session.

Bo goes back and asks Hope if she wants to spend a romantic evening with him, staking out the building. Steve comes back to the pub too.

Stephanie decides the best thing she can do is call her mom and tell her about running into Steve. Kayla tells her that she must learn to trust.

Days of Our Lives
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