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PART I: Marlena demands Roman and Abe arrest Stefano and vows to deal with him herself if they don't act now. Belle and Sami try to calm her while the top cops insist that they don't know if Stefano had anything to do with Brady's vanishing. E.J. insists Rolf show him who their "guest" is but Rolf refuses. Later, E.J. slips back into the mansion and once he gets into the lab, he finds the "guest" looks like John (Drake Hogestyn).

PART II: Stefano catches him and boasts of his greatest accomplishment to date, E.J. claims that this will ruin his relationship with Sami. Running out, he vows to stop Stefano and calls what he has done "sick." Handing John a file, Stefano advises him that this woman is his target. Stopping by to get Claire with Chloe's help, Shawn confronts Philip about his affair with Belle. He warns that this is the last time he'll see Claire.

PART III: Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) confides to Chloe that his plan is moving ahead smoothly. Later, when Belle and Marlena return, Philip takes great pleasure in leaking to Belle that Shawn was with Chloe. Hearing Philip tell Belle (Martha Madison) that Shawn and Chloe are "hanging out," Marlena interrupts and lectures her. Once Philip leaves, Marlena points out that Belle keeps making the same mistakes.

PART IV: Kate seeks Billie's help in protecting a jailed Lucas and reveals how E.J. saved his life earlier. She asks Billie (Julie Pinson) to get her the list of people who are allowed to see Lucas but won't tell her anymore about her plan. Bo and Roman decide to find out who Crystal is. Roman discovers the building near the one where Marlena first met Crystal is owned by a C.B. DiMera.

Boasting that he has turned against his father, E.J. warns Sami that she and Johnny may be in danger...

Days of Our Lives
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