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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide Part I

Bo warns Hope that he feels his time is getting shorter. She urges him not to give up but he senses something is wrong and not getting better. Kayla and Lexie vow to save Bo's life though Kayla guesses that Daniel will be the one who succeeds. She decides to call a specialist and then returns to show Lexie a website recommended to her. The site shows living donors who helped people with a failing pancreas survive. The two read that the first doctor behind this experimental procedure is Daniel and Kayla wonders why he hasn't suggested this yet. The two rush in to help when Bo's life support machines sound an alarm as he falls unconscious. Lexie warns Hope to get family members to the hospital to say goodbye to him. Rolf helps prepare things for John's dinner party and then shows in the guests as Marlena, Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive.

Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide Part II

Marlena hands him a photo album she put together and when he tries to reject it, Shawn urges him to keep it because it has photos of Claire in it. John and Belle argue about whether he will ever return to the person he was before his "death." When Rolf tells them that John's condition is permanent, Shawn calls him a liar. John announces he's going to focus on getting Stefano's shipping business back up to speed. Steve meets with Parker about finding Ava but is disappointed to learn he has no leads. Stephanie accuses her dad of lying and asks him why he hasn't told her mother the truth. Steve fills her in on his involvement with a crime boss' daughter years ago. Steve admits that she wants him back in her life so Stephanie urges him to tell Kayla now. Denying he still has feelings for Ava, Steve refuses to tell Kayla because of her pregnancy.

Days of Our Lives
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