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Days of Our Lives
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March 7, '08

Chloe's upset and complains to Philip when she spots Belle leaving the Pub with Shawn. The topic quickly turns to Brady and Philip reveals that he had her phone conversation translated. Chloe is angry with him but Philip claims he still believes her story about Brady. The two end up arguing until Philip apologizes. Chloe warns that he may not want to be her friend once he hears what happened. Walking in the snow, Shawn pulls Belle to him, gets down on one knee and invites her to marry him again right there.

After they say their vows, Shawn suggests that as soon as Bo is well, they should do as Bo and Hope once did and sail around the world. When Max reveals he's working at the docks to complete his community service, Steph offers to handle his shift at the bar. At the Pub Stephanie confides in Caroline about her internship and admits she hasn't told Max because he would be against her adding anything else to her already busy schedule. Concerned that Max has yet to arrive, Stephanie finds him by the elder Shawn's grave.

Chelsea introduces Daniel to Kate and the two engage in flirting. Daniel admits he may be in Salem only long enough to help Bo before he leaves town in search of some serious surfing. After Daniel leaves, Kate guesses Chelsea is attracted to the doctor. When Kate admits she needs an ad campaign for her company, Chelsea tells her about Stephanie and Morgan's ad internships. Back to the doctor, Kate discovers that he's not married and tells Chelsea, encouraging her to go after Daniel even if he has a girlfriend.

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Days of Our Lives
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