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Today on Days of Our Lives, Marlena (Deidre Hall) asks to meet Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) to talk about John. Elsewhere at the pier, John (Drake Hogestyn) has a clandestine meeting of his own.

He meets with a customs agent, planning to bribe him to favor DiMera shipping.

Lexie gets Bo ready for pre-op. Then she explains to Hope what they will do. They are going to "piggy-back" part of Chelsea's pancreas onto Bo's. Lexie gives Bo a sedative that knocks him out.

Daniel lectures Chelsea on her behavior. Kate (Lauren Koslow) steps in to defend her granddaughter by saying that Daniel should have given Chelsea some guidelines, which is true. Daniel starts yelling at Chelsea.

Shawn gets indignant on her behalf, but Daniel yelled at her on purpose: to get her heart pumping faster so that the IV fluids will go through her system faster. After his talk with Shawn, Daniel goes back into Chelsea's room to apologize and to explain why he was making her angry.

Belle (Martha Madison) tells Hope, Victor and Caroline (Peggy McCay) the problem about Chelsea's drunkenness. Hope gets on her uppity high horse, furious at Chelsea's stupidity. She says that if Bo dies because Chelsea can't get sober fast enough, then Hope will never forgive her.

At the pier, the customs guy tells John secretly that the shipping business is Victor Kiriakis' bread and butter. John wants some of that bread and most of the butter. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Philip all about John's plan to take over the Kiriakis shipping empire.

Marlena gets a phone call from the hospital with updates about Chelsea, and she and Philip get ready to head to the hospital immediately. John sneers to Philip that this is precisely the reason why he is going to lose their shipping war, because Philip concerns himself with trivial matters.

At the hospital, Bo wakes up, despite the sedatives that Lexie pumped him with. Then he goes unconscious again, leading Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Lexie to work frantically on him. Lexie goes to check on Chelsea, whose blood alcohol level is still not down enough. Gotta love Days of Our Lives.

Kate suggests that she try getting angry at something, like Daniel wanted her to. In the waiting room, Belle sees that John has arrived. He asks her not to tell anyone that he's there, though, lest they realize that he does, in fact, have a heart and concerns himself with family and such.

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