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Days of Our Lives
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March 31, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ comes from a meeting with an immigration agent and tells Sami they must prove their marriage is not a sham and they really do love each other.

Sami and EJ arrive at Chez Rouge for a dinner with the agent. The agent wants to know why they don't live together and why EJ doesn't have a job. Maggie tells EJ she has a plan.

Chelsea recuperates at Victor's mansion. Nick, Morgan, Max and Stephanie come to visit and Nick announces he got his grant. Max later shows up at Grandpa Shawn's grave and pours his heart out.

Hope, whom Ava thinks is Kayla, asks Ava why she thinks Patch will take her back after what she did to their plane. She tells Ava about Grandpa Shawn's death, which brings Ava to tears.

Ava later goes to Grandpa Shawn's grave and runs into Max.

Max tells her about Grandpa Shawn and Ava is touched.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

Days of Our Lives
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