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Days of Our Lives
March 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives, Hope asks Ava what her father will say when he finds out what she's trying to do. Ava insists her father will approve once he sees how good Steve is for her.

Hope boasts that she and Steve fell in love 20 years ago which stuns Ava.

She adds that Steve only turned to Ava because everyone thought that he was dead when, in fact, he only had amnesia. Hope pushes Ava to call Steve. After the call from Steve about Hope, Bo tells Abe that he can stop the search for Hope because he simply overreacted.

Abe and Lexie are suspicious. When Steve arrives, he tells Bo that Hope is with Ava, the woman who caused the plane crash and that she thinks Hope is Kayla. Bo is outraged. Ava calls Steve and demands that he meet her. John surprises Marlena at the Chez Rouge and invites her to open a gift.

She's unimpressed to find a diamond necklace inside and explains that he can't buy her forgiveness. As she leaves, she hands the necklace to Maggie who later gives it back to John with some advice of her own.

Steve assigns Stephanie to babysit her mother while he visits with Bo.

After she sends Kayla to bed, Max arrives and questions her about the call she got from her father. Stephanie tells him about Ava and he agrees not to tell anyone else.

He also offers to go snooping for Ava but she warns that her father is a crime boss.

Max tries to tell Stephanie that he loves her but the wrong word comes out which bothers her. She finally points out she doesn't have a problem using the word "love." As he tries to kiss her, Kayla emerges from the bedroom.

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Days of Our Lives
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