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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
May 1, 2008

Kate finds Daniel drinking at the Pub and wonders why he's not with Chelsea. He tells her that he's off the case and though he won't say why, he does warn that she needs her support.

After she leaves, Daniel continues drinking. Stephanie surprises Max and explains that she's there to thank him for saving her life.

Getting someone to cover for him behind the bar, Max takes Stephanie up to his room where they kiss and then fall into bed to have sex for the first time.

Tony admits that his mind was on Kate because he's worried about her. He explains that Kate's very concerned about Chelsea but Anna asks if there is something going on between him and Kate.

Tony assures her that he only loves her and kisses her to prove it. Kate interrupts and Tony announces that she's going to be in the ad. Anna laughs at the idea of Kate becoming a media star.

Once Kate leaves, Anna tells Tony she's secretly working for John. Lexie surprises Abe at work and tells him about Chelsea. Complaining about how busy they both have bee lately, the two head to the Pub where they agree to make time for each other.

Kate approaches Lexie about Chelsea and learns that Daniel quit Chelsea's case because he was getting too close to her. At the hospital Chelsea's disappointed to hear that Daniel left.

She grabs her phone and calls Daniel to find out why he left. Daniel mumbles that he's no longer her doctor. Upset, Chelsea thanks him for everything he did for her and her father.

She then calls Stephanie to complain about her misfortune and learns that Daniel is downstairs at the Pub. Stephanie confronts Daniel and blasts him for abandoning Chelsea.

Nick visits with Chelsea who informs him that she can't have children. Hope tries to comfort Bo who blames himself for Chelsea's medical troubles.

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