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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5.2.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, when Anna arrives at the studio, she and Kate quickly start bickering. Hearing her read the script aloud, Barney the director insists that Anna be in the commercial with Kate.

But when the taping begins, Anna and Kate get into a fight until Kate announces that she will never work with Anna again. Anna worries that Tony is going to lose Kate's account but he's only concerned about her and invites her to have dinner with him.

Ava's father Martino threatens a captive Earl, Bo's "snitch," and eventually kills him. Kate gets a call from Martino who wants to meet her but she refuses and claims she's not in that "line of work" anymore.

He convinces her to have a drink with him. Boasting that she is going to take over Ava's care, Kayla tells her as well as Lexie, Steve and Abe that the anti-seizure medicine is causing her mood swings.

Ava defends her doctor but Kayla asks why she isn't better if Dr. Nusbaum is so good. Ava loses control as she starts to talk about a conversation she once had with her doctor. Outside her room, Kayla asks that a background check be done on her doctor.

She then stuns Steve with the revelation that Ava tried to commit suicide after he left her at the altar. When Sami and E.J. interrupt John as he kisses Marlena, he lectures them about knocking next time.

When he calls Marlena "Doc," Sami guesses he's got his memory back which scares Rolf. Marlena insists his memory is still gone. John announces that he's going to make some changes at the mansion, starting with the large portrait of Stefano.

Rolf refuses to take it down so John grabs the painting and swings it open to reveal the hidden wall safe. Rolf denies he has the combination so John uses Marlena's stethoscope to help him unlock the safe. Inside, John finds the disc and pockets it. He then agrees to testify to immigration on E.J. and Sami's behalf.

Days of Our Lives
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