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Sami defends going to the cabin to make sure that Allie was safe. Roman insists that she obey the court order regarding custody.

Marlena warns her that it's time for her to do the right thing and start acting her age. Roman later upsets Sami by reporting that because of what she did, the judge has given Lucas more time with their daughter.

Marlena stuns Hope by admitting that she is the reason that Stefano ended up in a coma. She explains that she gave him a drug that essentially paralyzed him.

Confronted by E.J. at the Pub about calling the police on Sami, Nicole stands by her decision and points out that Sami has broken the law and needs to learn from her mistakes.

She also chastises E.J. for always rescuing Sami. Though he doesn't approve of what she did, E.J. does agree that Sami is out of control.

After Lexie takes the time to talk with another mother and old friend about her autistic son, she confides to E.J. that she hasn't had time to go visit her father because she's been so busy at work.

E.J. reveals that Stefano tried to make peace with him and Tony but that neither of them trusts him. Noticing how stressed out she is, E.J. offers his help.

Lexie is pleased when Theo connects with his uncle.

Nicole has a drink with Daniel at the bar but leaves for a moment when she becomes nauseous. When she returns, she confirms she's in town because of a man and Daniel admits that the woman he wants just left town and went to France.

After showing her photos of Tony as a boy, Stefano warns Anna that his son betrayed the family and he will make him pay.

After urging him to give up on trying to convince his children to come back to him, Anna asks Stefano if he really is going to marry Kate.

Ordering her to stay out of his family life, Stefano insists that he is ready to settle down and wants to do it with Kate.

Stefano shows up at the station house and offers his help to Sami.

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