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Days of Our Lives
July 30, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

As Bo argues with Daniel about keeping people out of Victor's room, Victor wakes and asks to speak privately with Bo. Victor assures Bo he can get plenty of the rare blood type for Philip.

Bo regrets what he did to help Philip but Victor reminds him he was protecting the family. In the hall, Daniel chastises Kate for sending Victor into cardiac arrest.

As Chelsea joins them, Kate explains she had to tell him about Philip. When Daniel lays into her again, Chelsea stops him and demands that he apologize to Kate. He refuses as Kate walks off.

As Ava suggests they celebrate the decision not to extradite her, John worries about how Philip's shooting is going to affect his scheme.

Ava assures John that Philip will be fine and then they can pin everything on him as planned. Boasting that he has a secret, John escorts Ava down to the basement where he reveals a very-much alive Paul being held prisoner.

As Paul complains about the way he's being treated, Ava lectures John about hiding him. Paul reveals John forced him to write the second note and John wonders why the enclosed tape hasn't come in to play.

Paul insists on talking to his daughter. Ava guesses Bo took the tape and then tells Paul about the shooting. After Ava leaves, John reminds Paul that his men saved his life.

As Morgan professes her love to an unconscious Philip, Chloe stands at the door and hears her. Hope takes Morgan out leaving Chloe to tell Philip that this is all Morgan's fault.

Later, Hope questions Bo about the package and guesses there was something else inside it.

An officer brings Hope a copy of an email anonymously sent by Ava which suggests there is a police cover up involving some missing evidence.

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Days of Our Lives
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