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There is a war and Vandal Savage is at the heart of it. He has conquered the entire planet. Now he is killing a mother and picking on a little boy named Jonas. He tells the little boy his mother was brave and his father was foolish. Jonas spits in his face and Savage shoots him in his.

Now Rip Hunter is appealing to the time masters for a single time ship to change the timeline, just this once.

He's at the ship, telling Gideon it went just as expected. So they'll proceed. First? Off to 2016 to get their team.

He picks up Ray Palmer while on a mission, Sara Lance while fighting in Tibet, Stein and Jax in some 60s throwback version of Pittsburgh, the Hawks while flying around and Snart and Rory while on a caper.

They end up on a roof listening to Rip talking about their futures as legends. Palmer definitely likes the idea, but everyone has to think about it on their own to determine their own fate.

Laurel offers to Sara a new suit so she can be the White Canary, fighting in the light. She no longer needs a mask. She's been fighting in the shadows long enough.

Snart is very excited about visiting times before modern science when they can do some real thieving. Mick with go along with pretty much anything for a buck.

Stein has knocked out Jax to get him to their destination. Which, when they get there, is empty. The timeship can disappear by holographic something or other. It's called the Waverider.

Ray feels slighted that Stein doesn't remember him as one of his students.

Jax wakes up right in the middle of their first time trip.

They land back in 1975 to visit Aldus Boardman. Woo hoo!!

They're suffering from side effects such as nausea, vertigo and temporary blindness.

Boardman recognizes Chayara and Khufu immediately.

Sara decides those left behind could use a drink so they decide to go get a drink.

Boardman backs up our theory that Savage was in love with Chayara.

Boardman finally reveals he's the son of Chayara and Khufu from their life as the Boardmans just after WWI.

Sara, Snart and Mick are having a nice big fight at the bar.

Jax is alone in the Waverider and it begins taking fire.

Since they learned he's going to die within 24 hours, the Hawks want to take their son with them. They insist.

The other three arrive back from the bar to join in the fight. Aldus has been hit, sustaining severe internal injuries.

While everyone is angry over being lied to by Rip, he reveals the story of Jonas and his wife to them, and they're a little less angry.

Sara gives everyone a pep talk. She thinks if they have the power to save the world, then they certainly have the power the change the future.

Boardman has died, but everyone is in. Now they're on their way to Norway, 1975. Vandal Savage has a nuclear weapon.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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