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The crossover team is back in the hangar. Nate is in charge. He suggests they go to 1951 to check out the first time these aliens came to earth.

Oliver condescendingly asks Kara to scale back and stay at the hangar. He's going to push back at her because he needs a sense of normalcy against multiple earths and aliens.

Felicity and Cisco are going back in time with Amaya, Nate and Mick. Felicity vomits and fart talks when they land in the '50s.

Mick decides to wait for one of the weaker aliens in the herd before just grabbing any alien.

Felicity calls Cisco out on his reasoning for going back in time, to escape his best friend.

Stein won't get close to his daughter because he's going to go back and fix his mistake.

Some guys come and dart the trio, and the alien is also in the holding cell with them. It has to be Felicity and Cisco to the rescue.

Back in Central City, Atom, Canary, Flash and Oliver are waiting for the president. Some old guy shows up instead.

The alien begins to speak in 1951. They're here to determine if metas are a threat.

Felicity and Cisco save Amaya, Mick and Nate, who then save MAG.

So this is really the culmination of Flashpoint. Barry has to turn himself in because of what he did in Flashpoint.

Except the Dominators wouldn't have been here at all if Cisco hadn't thought they should let one go in 1951. Uh oh.

Booey? Is that Stein's daughter's name?

A ship is opening up that will drop the metabomb. Everyone goes to a rooftop and fights a couple dozen, then they retreat from all over the world.

The goodbye celebration commences. Cisco gives Kara an interdemensional device and communicator so she's always just a push away from the group.

Sara and Oliver realize the gift they were given from the Dominators.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Mick: Celebrating July 4th early?
Nate: Ray made it for me.
Mick: You look like a star-spangled idiot.

Felicity: This ship is...
Cisco: ...automatic
Felicity: ...hypnotic
Cisco: ...supersonic
Felicity/Cisco: Funky fresh!