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Memphis 1950

A young  Elvis comes in to buy a guitar. He picks one that appears to be mystical. It's a cursed guitar.

When the boy plays, something mystical happens. The shop owner gives him the guitar for free.

An anachronism involving Elvis Presley changes everything. 

The Legends go to the church that Elvis' father preached at to find him. Zari and Wally comment on how they stand out.

Zari's totem reacts to whatever crystal is on Elvis' guitar. They accuse her of being possessed by Satan.

Elvis' guitar is a totem meaning Elvis is a totem bearer. 

Wally retrieves the guitar and they have Gideon create a new one. Nate and Amaya drop the new guitar off to the kid. When Elvis goes to perform at a club, he can't play the guitar.

He tells them that he has a twin brother who he usually plays with to back him up. Without his brother there to back him up, he can't play.

On the ship, the guitar is bringing about paranormal activities. It conjures a ghost onto the ship that wreaks havoc.

The guitar is haunted by Elvis' brother Jesse. 

The totem of the guitar is a death totem.

Nate wants to give Elvis the totem guitar back because otherwise, Rock n' Roll won't exist.

Elvis' uncle comes into the studio and carts Elvis away for playing the devil's music. He has him arrested. He takes the recording so it won't make it on the radio.

Zari and Wally have to retrieve the record from Elvis' uncle. 

Ray throws a funeral for Mick's rat after it dies.

Wally talks Uncle Lusicus into giving up the record. They get the record played on the radio on time, but Elvis' music literally raises the spirits of the dead.

Elvis is able to send the spirits home to rest at peace. He makes peace with not having his brother with him anymore. 

He records his music and gives Nate the totem. 

Ray looks it up for safekeeping, but the lockbox shakes suggesting impending doom.

Amaya introduces Nate to her music, and while he's listening, she tells him that she loves him. 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Zari: Well this is uncomfortable, and I'm not just talking about my dress.
Wally: Yeah, I guess these people never got the whole "Love thy neighbor talk."

It's too much change on this damn ship.