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Constantine asks Gary about the Fountain of Imperium. He denies knowing anything about it.

Sara tells Ava that she is an alien-human hybrid clone who can regenerate. Sara asks her if they don't tell the team, though.

Gideon tells the Legends that she detected an alien pod in Fist City, Oklahoma in 1891, AKA the Wild West.

In Fist City, they notice that things aren't as dangerous as they should be. The people welcome them warmly, and they're drinking root beer instead of beer. There's no fighting.

Constantine tells Gary that he lost his magic. The Fountain of Imperium is his only chance to get his powers back. Gary tells him that it's a myth.

The Legends find out that the alien is rewriting history. A famous outlaw -- Levi Stapleton -- is now the sheriff and the first Black Deputy Marshall west of the Mississippi -- Bass Reeves -- is now an outlaw.

Astra gets in a fight with a local. A huge alien emerges from the ground and swallows the man whole.

The Legends return to the Waverider and ask Gary about the alien. He tells them that it sounds like a Haverack. They are drawn to rage. The only thing to stop it is to tame it with a whistle, but the sheriff has it.

At a square dancing contest, Sara challenges Levi to a duel for the whistle. He cheats and shoots her in the head, but she regenerates. The Haverack eats Levi.

Astra and Spooner try to track down gold in the wood. They find the Haverack. They realize that it deposits gold. Bass Reeves appears and tells them that the Haverack made Fist City a boomtown.

Irma Rose, one of the city's residents, takes the whistle, not wanting to give up the alien because of the gold. She and the residents turn their guns on the Legends.

The Legends hideout in the saloon. Sara tells the rest of the Legends her secret.

Gary admits to Constantine that the Fountain is real. But he tells him that anyone who goes after it dies. There's a map to it.

The Legends start fighting with one another, attracting the Haverack. The Haverack is about to attack Nate when Spooner and Astra combine their powers to destroy it.

Gary tells Constantine that the man who found the map to the Fountain is Aleister Crowley. Constantine leaves the Waverider to find the map and the Fountain.

Behrad lets Nate visit Zari 1.0 in the totem.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Sara: Who wants to talk about space when we have Legends gossip to catch up on?
Ava: Oh, hot and juicy. Okay. So, Spooner's great, well, once she put away her rail gun.
Sara: Sounds like my kind of girl.
Ava: Yes. Oh, and I was a binder, and, actually, I think I turned into a cartoon.
Sara: That's a new one.

Here, recovery Dragon Ash, usually for hangovers, but also probably good if you've been lost in space.