A Mother's Pain - Defending Jacob
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Jacob tries to tell Joanna what happened on the day of the murder. 

Joanna is not impressed and says the story is filled with holes, so she says there's no way he'll be able to convince anyone. 

Jacob tells them about Derek being interviewed, and Andy sets off to find out the truth. 

In doing so, he puts himself in danger with the law. 

Meanwhile, Laurie found herself lonely after losing all of her friends and her job. 

In a moment of weakness, she speaks to a reporter, thinking she was just a civilian. 

The reporter tells the story from her perspective and a lot of revelations soon follow. 

The defense wants to check Jacob's DNA to be sure he does not have the serial killer gene. 

Andy's father refuses, and says that he will only do it if Andy visits him. 

Andy says no, but ultimately he decides to do what's best for his son. 

Defending Jacob
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Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jacob: I just wanted it. That's all.
Joanna: But why did you want it?
Jacob: I just did. It was a cool knife.
Joanna: The DA will say you bought it because you were being bullied by Ben. They're going to use that as motive.
Jacob: But it wasn't.
Joanna: Your friend Derek seems to think otherwise. Tell me why you think Derek connected your knife to what happened to Ben?
Jacob: I don't know. Maybe he's the real killer and he wants to blame me for it.
Andy: Whoa.
Laurie: What?
Andy: Hold on a minute.
Jacob: I'm just saying.
Joanna: This isn't a game, Jacob. If you think Derek had something to do with this, we need to know why you think it.
Andy: Do you really think Derek had something to do with this?
Jacob: I don't. You asked me why he's blaming me. I don't know why.

Andy: He didn't do it, Joanna. I know his story sucks, but he's a kid. They get confused. They say dumb things.
Joanna: I know.
Andy: He's innocent.
Joanna: We're gonna get him through this, I promise, but when you start talking about giving the jury a better story.
Andy: The story is Leonard Patz.
Joanna: There is nothing connecting him to this case.
Andy: Yeah, cause no one's looked. No one's taken the time.